I wish I could say we’ve hit rock bottom (Texas A&M Review)

If you want to watch a sluggish, miserable, draining football performance, I suggest you go back and watch Auburn play Texas A&M from Saturday night. It was really the one that capped it all off, not the final nail in the coffin per se, but just another example of a team that is getting worse every single week. It ended up being — statistically speaking — the worst defensive performance since 1917. The 63 points was the most since Auburn gave up 68 points to Georgia Tech in a 68-7 loss.

The game was over before it really started. When Texas A&M strolled down the field with the first possession and scored, you knew it was going to be a long night. Johnny Manziel dominated most of the night, with 260 passing yards and four total touchdowns. The usual trend so far this season has seen us get gashed on the very first defensive series, and then tighten up and play a little better straight after. Not this week, as no one really had a plan or answer for A&M’s high-powered, spread offence that has been wrecking havoc all year. Read the rest of this entry


Texas A&M Preview: More Of The Same?

Hello readers, I must apologise for not writing a Vanderbilt preview, as it simply slipped my mind. The game ended exactly how I thought it would, and I may have just sounded like a broken record anyways.

Moving on, Auburn’s four-game home-stand begins this saturday against Texas A&M, which will be only our third night game of the season. The Aggies are walking in off a tough loss to LSU last week, but will be looking to immediately rebound and get the season back on track.

A&M run a good offence, lead by Mr Johnny Football — a quarterback who has put up some insane numbers thus far this season (and may be the best we face all season period). A&M’s offence will be a tough job to stop, but this is another chance for Brian VanGorder to impress and hopefully give the offence a chance to win the game. With that being said, Auburn’s offence isn’t exactly stellar either, in fact quite the opposite. They rank 119th in the country, and are still struggling to find a quarterback, which has been the main theme of this programme since Cam left. Johnny Manziel himself is averaging 100 more yards per game than Auburn’s offence, that should tell you how good he is (or how bad we are). Read the rest of this entry

Underdogs to Vanderbilt, 2013 SEC Schedule + Young Players

I think the headline says it all about this game. Auburn will try to avoid it’s fifth SEC loss and try to right the ship with a win over Vanderbilt on Saturday.

For Auburn, this is another must win. A loss — especially a bad one — may put Chizik out of the door once and for all, although it’s going to be hard to see how he makes it to 2013 as long as Vegas continues to dictate out season. Auburn is 1-5 against the spread so far this season, so read into that what you will.

Vanderbilt will and probably should come into this game motivated for another win. They’re at home, and are scrambling for wins so they can make a bowl game for the second season in a row. The real question is, will this Auburn team be ready? Read the rest of this entry

Ole Miss Review: The Final Nail In The Coffin?

By the time the clock hit zero on Saturday night, we were all thinking the same thing: yet another game given away due to poor coaching and poor effort. Just bad football in general.

The game started out alright, as we saw Auburn play better offensive ball, and enough defensive ball to get by. Clint was throwing some good ones, the run game was flowing and the blocking was acceptable. We went into the half tied, and I still had an uneasy feeling, since we have been just terrible in second halves of games this season. That’s exactly how the second-half panned out. The team fell to pieces in a hurry, and ended up losing 41-20 to Ole Miss, a team with a first-year head coach and hadn’t won an SEC game (prior to Saturday) since the 2010 season. That about sums it all up. Read the rest of this entry

Ole Miss Preview: The Scales Are Balanced In This One

Game 6 is here ladies and gents! Can you believe we are already six weeks into the season? College Football doesn’t hang around much these days, which is why (despite the troubles) you have to make the most of it. Off-seasons are…well, you know – 0ff-seasons.

Whilst I was in London today, I was thinking back and forth about how this game may unfold. This game is a tough one to call, because on one hand, you have Ole Miss who have started the season in an ok fashion, and are up against a terrible Auburn team. On the other hand, you have an Auburn team desperate for a win, and may pull out all the stops in getting the win. The pressure is on this staff to deliver wins, and I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see us pull this one out.  Read the rest of this entry

Arkansas Review: Not Just A Loss…A Bad Loss.

The Arkansas game might be the worst loss I’ve seen in the Chizik era, and there have been quite a few. We came out flat offensively – scratch that, we came out downright asleep. Considering the competition, and considering the amount of time we’ve had to prepare for this defence (worst in the SEC, 113th in the country) it was the worst offence I’ve seen Auburn play under Chizik.

The game was quite a defensive stalemate for the most part. Arkansas jumped out to a 10-0 lead and kept it until the third quarter. By half-time, Chizik decided to take out Frazier and sub in Mosely (which didn’t make much if any sense considering the offensive line wasn’t blocking well). To Mosely’s credit, he did score the only touchdown of the game after he threw a touchdown to Blake. At that point, hope crept back in and the feeling of “maybe we can squeak this one out” was present. Auburn couldn’t capitalise, and after numerous turnovers, Auburn gave up 14 unanswered points and lost 24-7.

It’s very unnatural for me to sum up the whole game in one paragraph, as I just did, but there really isn’t much else to say. Auburn came out flat against a poor opponent in a must-win game, and only garnered 7 lousy points. I thought the defence played well, and there is clear improvement week-to-week. The offence isn’t helping, hence these late game defensive collapses (see Clemson, LA Monroe, Miss. State as well). It was a discombobulated Arkansas offence, but was still capable of doing some damage. So that’s a plus. We held them to just 328 yards, which was a step forward. The passing game is inept, the blocking is questionable and we have zero identity on offence. It’s a big problem.  Read the rest of this entry

Arkansas Preview: Only a Win Right Here

Hello loyal readers, I hope you all spent your bye weekend doing something enjoyable. I had to work both Friday and Saturday (eugh), but now we can get back to what really matters on this blog: Auburn Football.

Auburn’s game 5 is a home game against Arkansas – a program that has struggled mightily since John L. Smith took over, and doesn’t seem to be making any progressional strides. Which is why this game, is a must-win for Auburn.

Thus far, Arkansas has suffered 4 bad losses – beatdowns by both Texas A&M and Alabama, a meltdown against LA Monroe, and another poor loss against one of the poorer passing offences in Rutgers. So we can all agree that they are in a horrible place right now, right? Read the rest of this entry

LSU Review: Improvements…But Still A Loss

This game didn’t go exactly like I expected, but that’s a good thing. Auburn was confident they could play with LSU. Actions certainly spoke loud in this one.

The game started in a sloppy manner. Auburn was getting gashed defensively, and it seemed an impossible task to get off the field on third down. It seemed the same old story, just a different game. Auburn then capitalised off a Zach Mettenburger mistake, where they recovered a fumbled snap deep in their own territory. Auburn seemed confident, but were still very far back. What then proceeded was a combination of poor running and poor blocking. Mason took a little too long to make his move and was swallowed in the end-zone, resulting in a safety.

Auburn continued to get abused defensively, and couldn’t move the ball offensively. LSU strolled down the field and made it 9-0. At this point, I figured another beat-down was coming. Boy was I wrong.  Read the rest of this entry

LSU Preview: Be Ready Lads

One of my favourite Auburn rivalries continues this week, as Auburn faces a tough test from the visiting LSU Tigers. Who are in the middle of (another) SEC Championship run.

After last weeks near-meltdown, I don’t hold much confidence going into this game. LSU are a quality team, with a tough defence and a capable offence. It’s going to be a tough one.

Historically, this game has always been a little bit crazy. There was The Earthquake game in 1988, when LSU scored against Auburn in the last minute, the sheer crowd volume registered on the seismograph in LSU. Then there was the 1994 INT game, which broke the record for most defensive touchdowns in a game. There are plenty of reasons why this rivalry is so great. Read the rest of this entry

LA Monroe Review: Baby Steps

Well, sometimes I guess it doesn’t matter how you get it done, all that’s important is the end result — in this case, that rings truer than ever. Auburn did what they do best and closed out a close game.

What do we takeaway from this game?

It was a weird game throughout – to say the least. Auburn started out fairly well and burnt out near the end, almost blowing the game in the process. That’s how you would sum up the whole game in one sentence, but momentum played a huge part in this one. Auburn’s offence looked smooth throughout, Frazier made some nice throws and the Auburn run game didn’t struggle at all. The game changed once Blakely fumbled the ball on his way to the end-zone, which set up a big momentum shift the other way. Frazier suddenly looked sheepish on the next few drives, Auburn’s defence started to struggle, and a ‘comfortable’ over LA Monroe suddenly turned into a mountain climb.  Read the rest of this entry