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My First Auburn Game

The first ever Auburn game I went to was the 2010 opener, against Arkansas State. I was really excited because with living over here, an opportunity to go to a game doesn’t come around often, and I don’t regret going. I got to experience Tiger Walk for the first time, and as well as it being my first Tiger Walk it was also Cam Newton’s first Tiger Walk!

The game itself was awesome, the stadium is big, loud, orange and upbeat most of the time. The atmosphere incredible and I fell in love with the stadium straight away.

  1. My dude, you are All In. I love it! War Damn Eagle!

  2. Keep ip the great work across the pond – you never know where the next recruit might come from.
    Cheers! 🙂

  3. Was born and raised in Staffordshire the UK, (big Stoke City soccer supporter) emigrated on Super Bowl Sunday 1981, married to a great gal from Kentucky (guess who we root for in basketball) and sent TWO kids to AU from Atlanta (think out of State tuition!). Been a part of the family ‘All in’ since 2002, been donating to TUF and the band since then, have season tickets, bleed Oraneg & Blue and we RV to every home game on the hay fields and some away games too. (Going to Ole Miss this year). Did you catch Steve Fry at AU when he was driving around the States in a London taxi? (youtube it).

    Keep up the good work and War Bloody Eagle!

    See you at the GA dome in a couple weeks!


  4. War Bloody Eagle….LOVE.IT.!!

  5. Gracias por este post! En el tiempo que un blogger pone un acervo empeño y trabajo en su trabajo, se siente bien tener una sentencia agradecida y educada, si hay o no hay un convenio sobre el tema. me encanta. me gusta mucho.

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