Alabama A&M Review: Last Win Of The Season

Our third and final win of the season came Saturday against Alabama A&M, unless you’re delusional enough to believe that Auburn has a shot against Alabama. The Auburn offence put in a good shift, racking up a season high 51 points on 512 total yards. Defensively, there were little problems as only 7 points were given up, and we even saw an Auburn defensive back make and interception — the first all season! Huzzah!

Overall, it was just another day where a win was simply on the cards. It’s been a miserable season with some gut wrenching losses, but this one was pretty much a gimme. The size and athletic difference between Alabama A&M and Auburn is obvious, so a big win was somewhat expectant. Still, the team played well all around but like I said after the NMSU win, it doesn’t change the underlying problems that this programme still possesses. 

It was the last home game for notable Auburn seniors like Blake and McCalebb, both of which have had pretty illustrious careers. McCalebb has excelled as the no2 RB/speed guy during his time here, and Blake emerged as one of the best wideouts Auburn has seen in a while. Both of which deserve their dues, and it’s always sad to see characters like them graduate.

Iron Bowl week is upon us, and no matter how you like our chances in this one, it’s still a special week for all of those concerned. I consider it the best, and sometimes ugliest rivalry in college football, and the memories that have collected over the years with this matchup are hard to match. Both Alabama and Auburn have seen their fair share of success in the past, and most of the time both teams have been at separate ends of the scale. It makes you wonder what could happen if both teams were playing at a National level at the same time.

Now is about the time that college football starts to get really interesting. Oregon and KSU dropping games certainly threw a spanner in the works, and now Notre Dame is guaranteed a shot at the title should they beat USC on saturday. Whoever plays them is a tough guess — we thought Alabama was out of it after their loss to A&M but they are right back in it. UGA beating them next week will end their chances, and at the same time giving UGA the best shot to play ND for the title. Still plenty left to play for.

That’s yer lot, have a nice week.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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