Ole Miss Preview: The Scales Are Balanced In This One

Game 6 is here ladies and gents! Can you believe we are already six weeks into the season? College Football doesn’t hang around much these days, which is why (despite the troubles) you have to make the most of it. Off-seasons are…well, you know – 0ff-seasons.

Whilst I was in London today, I was thinking back and forth about how this game may unfold. This game is a tough one to call, because on one hand, you have Ole Miss who have started the season in an ok fashion, and are up against a terrible Auburn team. On the other hand, you have an Auburn team desperate for a win, and may pull out all the stops in getting the win. The pressure is on this staff to deliver wins, and I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see us pull this one out. 

If we are going to win this one, we need to go in with the right mindset. If we go in hungover from last weeks loss, we’ll be torn to shreds. Although I think this defence is better than the stats indicate, it will get tired late on if we can’t sustain drives and put any points on the board (I feel like a broken record).

Ole Miss’ Quarterback Bo Wallace is talented, who can and probably will do some damage to this defence. He is compared in some ways to ULM Quarterback Kolton Browning, with his multiple skill-sets and tendencies. Can the defence defend this spread quarterback? That remains to be seen, as so far the performances against these type of offences hasn’t been too shabby.

Can we score on Ole Miss? After our performance against Arkansas last week, and with the uncertainty at Quarterback, I hold little expectations offensively. The offence is lost, and without a decent quarterback, it will continue to go nowhere. Last week, the offensive line got shredded by Arkansas’ front line, who collaborated 8 sacks against us. Ole Miss may be looking for blood early on, and I just hope the young lineman can shake off last weeks performance and continue to improve.

I’m not confident in this team right now, I’ve run out of positive angles and I think at this point we may just be trying to get the season over and done with. I’d clearly welcome a change in fortune, since we do still have some good pieces to work with, and that may earn us another win somewhere. The defence is steadily improving, and should continue to improve going into 2013. VanGorder and Martinez were massive hires for this programme, and it’s showing right now.

Ole Miss is at home, Auburn’s got troubles on offence, this game’s before noon, Ole Miss has a dangerous Quarterback.

Ole Miss 23-13 Auburn

I hope like HELL that I’m wrong.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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