Brit Thoughts – Foster, Fall Camp, Frazier’s Job To Lose

Today’s letter of the day it seems is ‘F’, according to the headline anyway. We now are halfway through August and I can already smell College Football season. It’s certainly been another bumpy offseason, but then again isn’t every one bumpy? I’m just glad that we can get back to what really matters, which is what happens on the field. 

Which brings me onto my next point – when it comes to reporting, I for one like it to be accurate. Unfortunately, rumours can spread fast nowadays with the powers of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. But in this case, the AJC newspaper got the story wrong, completely wrong. There is a clear difference between the NCAA investigating your recruitment and the AHSAA questioning you about switching schools. Foster’s mothers’ reasons were valid, she wanted the move to Auburn since it allowed a shorter travel distance and Foster would of course be closer to his young daughter. He is also cousins with LaDarious Phillips and wants to dedicate his Auburn career to him.

Anyway, Foster was cleared by the AHSAA (not the NCAA) and will be playing this fall. Shocker.

I understand that journalists want the first scoop, but that comes with the territory. Wrong information hurts your credibility and creates a boy cries wolf situation. You guys get the picture, so there’s no use me rambling on about it anymore.

“You better comprehend before you talk” – Reuben Foster. Says it all really.

In other news, fall camp is still ongoing and it looks like some starters are already starting to shake out at several positions. BVG’s post-scrimmage notes indicate that Ryan Smith and Jermaine Whitehead will both start Game 1 at Safety. Neither one are considered physical freaks, but in BVG’s system it seems as though he’s going with the players that have a better grasp of the calls and playbook right now. It’s a move that I do support, since it can be seen as trying to keep a lid on the mental mistakes. The coaches are clearly trying to see who can get a good grasp of it early on and then play into that as the season goes on.

There is also ‘no separation’ at Quarterback, but you’d have to be pretty silly to assume that Kiehl won’t be named the starter. Is it a ploy  to keep Clemson guessing? Perhaps. Or it might be a way to keep Frazier focused and for him to stay motivated, and the same for Clint in fact. Loeffler strives for consistency and hiding away a depth chart will push others to improve. Although Loeffler did mention that he already has good idea of who to start at other positions, VanGorder as well – probably.

Both were also asked whether they’d stay up in the box or be on the sideline during games. I pretty much assumed BVG would stay on the sidelines and he confirmed that in yesterday’s post-scrimmage interviews. Loeffler, however says he’ll be up in the box calling plays. VanGorder seems like a good person to keep on the sidelines since he’ll be able to keep the defence focused and keep them motivated if any bumps occur. Both moves make a lot of sense.

Anyway, that’s yer lot for now. I’ll be posting my season predictions and expectations on both sides of the ball very soon, so stay tuned for that. Peace.

About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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  1. Alan and Amy Rudd

    Thanks, Ross. My husband is also a Brit and a diehard Auburn fan since our kids went to Auburn. Here is his quote about this whole Reuben mistake :
    “Auburn City Schools issued the following release Thursday:

    “An inquiry from the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) regarding possible violations of the AHSAA Recruiting Rule occurred this month. The query was in regards to Auburn High School student-athlete, Reuben Foster. The AHSAA determined that no violation occurred.”

    Auburn City Schools Athletics Director Clay McCall said in a statement: “The Auburn High School Athletic office ensures that any transferring student-athlete is in good-standing and in compliance with AHSAA requirements.”

    Who’s ass at ESPN that wrote the original bullcrap can we shove this up please?

    Why do they never admit they got it wrong? Credibility does not seem to matter to them.

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