Sorry girls, VanGorder says size DOES matter

Earlier today, Auburn’s new defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder gave a few quotes about his defensive philosophy and what he wants out of his unit.

VanGorder believes size does play an important role with his linebackers, he said “bigger is better” but that he doesn’t consider himself a “profile coach”. On one hand I agree with the statement, having larger linebackers is handy when going up against big offensive lineman and runningbacks, and will probably prevent us giving up an extra yard or two when it matters. With size comes strength, you all saw what Miss. State QB Chris Relf did to us in September – he dominated the Auburn defence over and over again because his main weapon was his brute strength. 

But on the other hand, size isn’t an issue as long as you have linebackers that can tackle correctly and are always in position to make the play. That’s all I really want out of this defense, to execute on every down, and I’m confident that will happen under VanGorder.

He also gave a brief comment on the defensive coach vacancy, saying “we’re in the process of hiring a new coach”. If you don’t know who it will be, heres a bit of inside info – his name rhymes with Gillie Harminez.

VanGorder also gave quotes on his defensive schemes, saying that we’ll have a lot of multiple looks and may blitz a lot. Putting pressure on the offence is key to getting those key third down stops. Our third down defence was dreadful last season, and I can’t wait until we quit giving receivers 10 yard cushions on third and short.

VanGorder also hasn’t decided which position he will coach yet, heck he may not coach one at all. He said “I’m finding out where we are”, which is a fair quote when you consider he hasn’t even been in a practice yet.

He then gave his two cents on position changes, that right now none are in the works, although it could change. I’m excited to see who may get moved where and what it could mean for the defence, I’d like to see Owens given another shot at MLB and possibly move Bates back to safety, since BVG likes size with his linebackers (Bates is only around 5’11 205).

On the other side of the ball, new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler said that he’s still evaluating the quarterback spot. You’d like to think he’d hope that Frazier comes through by the summer, he told the media “We (Chizik) have not sat down and had that conversation“.

Loeffler also had this to say of VanGorder: “There are some really good defensive coaches in this league, and we have one here at Auburn that’s the real deal, the real, real deal. Not even a little bit, he’s the real deal. If I was a defensive recruit, I’d want to play for Brian VanGorder”.

It’s always refreshing to hear coaches compliment one another, it really gives you a boost of confidence and it definitely lets me know that we are in the safest hands.

That’s yer’ lot, have a good week.

About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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