Signing Day ends and the program lives to fight another day

Signing Day is pretty much over, and we nailed down our 19 signees to 4-year scholarships. It’s always nice to bring in another group of players ready to shed blood, sweat and tears for the program, you always wonder in the back of your mind which players are going to breakout and become the playmakers, no matter how many stars they have next to their names.

It’s safe to say that Twitter and several message boards were on the ledge today, I’m not going to recap the entire day but you could pretty much sum it up as an “up and down” day, which is of course the real premise of college recruiting. You miss some and you lose some, it happens to every program. We have a few players left to go after but we can’t afford to dwell on the players we didn’t get, just focus on the ones that are ready to play. The ones that want to play for Auburn University.

I’m really excited about this class because I think it has masses of potential. One player in particular that we picked up today was Jonathan Wallace; a 6’2 205 QB that is a fairly impressive looking signee. His comments about “taking up the opportunity to play for Auburn” is literally music to my ears, I’ll take on anyone who wants to play for this school, no matter how highly touted you may be.

It was also nice to get a few other surprises today, including Florida OL Avery Young. He was looking as though he was Georgia-bound but in the end, I guess he just wanted to play in orange and blue. I don’t blame him.

Overall, today was a decent day, we didn’t get everyone we hoped to, but that’s life. Recruiting is only half the battle, and having coaches that know how to coach ’em up and turn them into real football players is the big part of creating a good football program. We have two top coordinators, as well as a top notch line of assistant coaches, let’s work towards the 2012 season and see what it may end up bringing us.

I will do some in-depth recruiting class evaluations pretty soon, analysing the players and what they might bring to the table.

‘Till then. War Eagle!


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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