With Barrett Trotter gone, what’s the state of the QB situation?

Barrett Trotter has decided to forgo his senior year, he’s still in grad school and looks to be participating in Auburn’s Pro Day tryouts in March. Good luck to him wherever he ends up, he spent most of his time at Auburn sat on the bench behind guys like Chris Todd and Cam Newton, biding his time before his shot came along. However you may judge his performances, I’m glad he got a good amount of playing time last season. Trotter may not have all-world ability, but his character shone through in games and interviews, and took on the challenge of coming off the bench for Auburn in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, and subsequently winning it.

So where does that leave the current QB situation? We have a blossoming Frazier, a questionable Mosely and will have a spring tested true freshman in Zeke Pike. I have no early guesses as to who will win it, or when the decision would be made. As of right now, Frazier seems to be the QB that most fans want to hand the reigns to, his running ability is clearly a plus, but his arm is still currently questionable. Of the few passes he did attempt last year, he didn’t look settled and it didn’t seem to come natural to him. I don’t pretend to be an expert on Quarterbacks like those scouting services try to be, but some things are obvious to the common eye. No one is ready to give up on Kiehl yet, and rightly so.

Mosely struggled at times last season, he was looked at as a saviour when he was subbed in for a troublesome Trotter and whilst he looked good at times, he looked bad at other times to. He had very little pocket presence and tended to struggle under pressure, playing Alabama and LSU isn’t easy, but you need to be tough mentally and physically, that’s what Auburn demands.

Zeke Pike is an interesting one, he started recruiting for Auburn non-stop when he committed, displayed a winning attitude which is what I’m excited about. Some want to point out his anger issues, particularly in games, but he’s young and that can be turned into a good thing with right coaching.

Cam Newton’s confidence and attitude spread across the team when he played at Auburn, and I feel Pike has the same will and fight (figuratively), which doesn’t come naturally amongst Quarterbacks. Turn his emotions into a positive thing for the team will be the way forward. No pressure Zeke.

Developing a Quarterback is key if we want to make a BCS run next season, there’s a lot of talent on this team but I still worry about the QB position, who will step up and how big of an effect will they make. I’ve always said that a good defence is a mediocre QB’s best friend, if BVG can turn around that unit it will benefit whoever plays under centre for the next few years. We need these things if we are going to continue to compete with the tough teams in our division.

So what are your thoughts on the Quarterback situation? Where is your confidence level?

About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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