Friday Thoughts: Excitement Over Brian VanGorder Is Refreshing, Chizik Criticism Confusing

Brian VanGorder…what more is there to say?

Happy Friday to you all folks, as I write this I have just finished off my Friday classes and getting ready for the weekend, and hoping for an OC hire + big impressions being left on recruits visiting Auburn.

I must say I am still extremely pumped over the hire of Brian VanGorder, I’m not the only Auburn fan that will tell you about our poor defensive play the last three years, the unit needed a revamp and VanGorder (in my personal point of view) is the best possible candidate we could have received.

VanGorder will bring intensity to the program, he brings a profound knowledges of X’s and O’s and not to mention a fantastic moustache (as evidenced above). His defenses at Georgia weren’t flukes, he is an extremely smart man who will stabilise the unit and hopefully make it better as a whole.

It’s also exciting because of our elite recruiting, in the past three years, we were able to recruit top defensive players from around the country, including guys like Lemonier, Frost, Holland, Whitehead, Whittaker etc. Only a select few defensive players truly shone through under Roof, Nick Fairley being the obvious one, as well as Zach Clayton, Mike Blanc and Josh Bynes.

Auburn has always been known to have good, tough, sound defensive play. The school has churned out top defensive stars such as Carlos Rogers, Jay Ratliff, Takeo Spikes and Karlos Dansby. Getting back to those days will be good for us, seeing as though we won’t be able to play Cam Newton anymore. We can no longer afford being without a competent defense if we want to continue competing for National Championships. There’s a reason Alabama and LSU both made it into New Orleans, Alabama is the new National Champion because of their defense.

Chizik didn’t only make choose the right man, he hired someone who will do a darn good job in turning the defense around as soon as possible, whether Chizik will still have input or not, it’s an encouraging hire and it sets us up for big things.

Chizik criticism? I’m lost

Another thing that gets me is the constant bashing of Chizik, from the media and other teams fans. People blame him for the defense being bad, and ask why it’s so bad even though Chizik has an extensive knowledge of defense?

The truth is, Chizik isn’t your ordinary head coach, he isn’t like Nick Saban, he doesn’t manipulate every area of the team to a large extent, he manages and controls what he needs to and lets the coordinators/position coaches do their thing. I don’t have an issue with that, I’d rather have a coach who manages and coaches a team properly, rather than a controlling nut-job who gets in everyones way.

Chizik is the one who made the final decision on whether to recruit Cam Newton, he hired Gus Malzahn, he hired VanGorder. He won a BCS National Championship.

As long as Chizik keeps doing what he does best, he can stay for as long as he likes.

There’s ya lot, have a good weekend.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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