Dyer’s future uncertain, Where are the coordinators?

Dyer’s situation looking cloudy

So it’s looking as though Michael Dyer does intend to transfer out of Auburn, or not…there are so many conflicting reports right now, one random website “The National Football Authority” tweeted out yesterday that he filed paperwork and is on his way out, what followed that evening were more individuals giving out their information on the matter. One person saying the report is true, the next saying he’s staying, and another with an on the fence comment saying “he may or may not go”.

Do I expect him to be here next Monday? Honestly I don’t, if he is still here then great, he’s worked out his issues and wants to stay and fight, if he doesn’t, then it isn’t a disaster and it won’t be the end of Auburn Football, the backfield has enough bodies to deal with it and will continue to push on, just as I expect.

I don’t know what his issues are exactly, the marijuana claims have some merit to them but there seems to be a deeper, underlying issue, I won’t speculate on what it is, because I know about as much as anyone else does on the situation.

If he does leave it looks like he’ll be following Malzahn to Arkansas State, on one hand it would make sense if he wants to be closer to home, but on the other hand why transfer to a division one school and sit out a year? I hardly expect him to be given a hardship waiver, which means he’ll spend a year sitting out and having his draft stock decreasing, and then having one more year to maybe make an impact and push his draft stock back up. Right now I see him as a 3rd rounder, which isn’t a disaster, but it’s up to him to decide what he wants to do, if he stays he could have a big junior year and sneak into the 2nd round.

Whatever he decides to do, I hope he continues to strive for success and become the person we expected him to be.

Coordinator search continues

With Stoops signing a new deal at Florida State, the chances of him becoming DC at Auburn are slim to none, so attention is likely turning elsewhere. I’d love to list some of the names that are being considered, but I genuinely have no idea at this point, I don’t think anyone does. I hope Chizik is spending most of HIS time finding and interviewing the candidates, one name I’d like to see considered/hired is FSU LB Coach Greg Hudson. He is apparently very involved with their defense every week, including the game -planning and most FSU fans I’ve spoke to believe he will success Stoops when he takes a head coaching gig in the next few years. He could be snatched away right now with the right offer, and I don’t think he’d turn down a DC gig at an SEC school like Auburn at this point in his career.

Regarding the offensive side, there’s not much talk there either. JUCO WR Cordarelle Patterson said today re: the OC search:

“They said they are going to get a good one, but they didn’t know who or when.”

I’m not sure if they are trying to keep the lid wrapped tight, or the coaches genuinely have no clue on who to get, it doesn’t scream reassurance to recruits when a school doesn’t have a coordinator, it leaves everything up in the air, regarding personality issues and schemes. But if Chizik does have something up his sleeve, then more power to him.

I hope we get some good news very soon on this front, I’m confident that Chizik will get the right man for the right price, he’s taken his time just like he did when he assembled his first staff, but time is ticking and recruiting is suffering.

Have a good thursday.


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It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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