The Ship is Sinking!…Give Me A Break

I think Auburn just needs to pack up their program and call it a day, it’s obvious we can’t be successful with Ted Roof and Gus Malzahn as coaches, I guess Bama really is the best program in America?

Get real, it amazes me how this school is treated in the media when we aren’t winning. I do realise that isn’t all rosy in Auburn right now, what with issues with our star running back, and coach positions to be filled, we still have work to do, big deal, which school doesn’t?

Auburn does have issues on defense, and the offense is nothing to brag about either, but isn’t this something we can fix? You bet it is, Chizik has earned the trust of Auburn fans and he has mine right now, he made the right call with Roof and did it in a classy way, what more can you ask for?

There is a buzz right now around the defensive coordinator position, and it looks like it will be filled by Mark Stoops (according to some places), and it seems like we may be paying over $1 million for his services.

*Cue public outcry*

What the heck is the issue here? Since when aren’t we allowed to pay assistant coaches high sums anymore? The head coach doesn’t run every single thing, whilst he makes the decisions, someone has to think up some schemes, execute them and teach the players how to play their respective positions.

Gus Malzahn has also accepted a head coaching position at Arkansas State, for $850,000…

*Cue conspiracy theories*


“With Malzahn leaving Auburn and taking a pay cut, it’s obvious that The Plains Is Burning”

“With Malzahn leaving Auburn and taking a paycut, it’s obvious that there are relationship issues between the coaches”


Yeah, that’s a valid argument, Malzahn hates Auburn with a passion, how dare he win a National Championship here! What a schmuck!

Is that why he’s going to be coaching in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl game? Let me guess, he’s going to coach in that game JUST to sabotage Auburn?

Give me a break.

The 2008 offseason was a disaster, this offseason is not. Yes holes need to be filled, and yes we have work to do, it isn’t even christmas yet and Auburn are already dubbed the “crisis” program.

Bammers, quit tweeting Auburn’s recruits, go back to your day jobs and worry about your own team.

Because like you say, aren’t we forever dubbed “irrelevant”?


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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  1. I don’t know why I am ever surprised by the rhetoric of rival teams’ fans. Why is it a big deal that Malzahn went back to his home state to coach ball? Is it that unlikely that a man would want to return to his roots? Is it that out of question that he might feel he’s ready to take on a head coach position? Why does it have to be such a big deal? And besides…it’s just football!! I love Auburn b/c my Dad is an ACTUAL alum. Whether their football program is in the pits is irrelevant to me. I guess I have a hard time comprehending why it matters to fans of rival teams…fans who didn’t even go to that university or know anyone who did!! *shakes head*

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