BCS Madness + Heisman Thoughts

Happy Monday to you all, it’s been a crazy week with all this rematch talk from media members, ESPN in particular, and it finally came to fruition last night when the rematch became official. ESPN played this entire thing perfectly, the whole week they were pushing for a rematch, and then they open last night’s BCS Countdown with Rece Davis sitting beside two other anchors, one pulling for Oklahoma State and the other pulling for the rematch, when everyone knew (on Twitter) that the rematch was 90% certain. The media has become very powerful over the last few decades, especially with ESPN and CBS letting Nick Saban sell his teams title hopes Saturday, when Oklahoma State had to play a decent Oklahoma team, who they took care of easily.

The BCS has become all about the money, the system is inconsistent and terribly flawed, in the past, the title game was decided on who the most deserving team was, and has slowly shifted (this year in particular) into who voters believe the best team is. I was originally against a rematch, but I did expect it to happen. Oklahoma State may have lost to a poorer team than Bama did, but they also beat better teams, and did everything asked of them, but in the end it wasn’t enough, as the Harris Poll voters decided it wasn’t meant to be. Instead we get to watch a repeat of what we’ve seen before, basically rendering November 5th’s “Game of the century” pointless. I’m not saying Bama is a terrible team, in fact they have a good team, but like I said, we’ve seen this before, I know what to expect.

There were also other questionable decisions last night, as Virginia Tech, who were dubbed as the ACC’s second best team were awarded with a Sugar Bowl bid after finishing 11-2, both losses were beat-downs by Clemson. They were looking destined for the Chick-Fil-A bowl against us, but at the last minute they got bumped up from economy, to premium economy.

I didn’t agree with this at the time and I still don’t a day later, the ACC is not a strong conference, but were still awarded with two BCS Bowl games. Because of the rematch, Arkansas didn’t have a shot to get to the Sugar, but I assumed Kansas State would have been the next team in line for the berth, though they finished 10-2 with two wins over ranked teams.

Could this be the year which we all finally belt up and ask for a play-off? I really don’t know the answer to that question, I think with how things panned out in odd years like these, such as Florida getting picked over Michigan in 2006, or Auburn getting shafted by Oklahoma in 2004, teams will feel like they were treated unfairly and the only way that teams would be guaranteed a fair chance would for there to be a play-off of some sort, or at the very least a +1. If Bama wins, I expect the AP will keep LSU no1 and with Bama taking the BCSNC, it will be a split title.

Overall, it is what it is and we just have to live with it until someone nuts up and agrees to a play-off option. The BCS wants us to believe that “every game matters”, but this season proves that it certainly didn’t. The BCS didn’t vote for a rematch in 2006, instead they chose an SEC team over another Big 10 team (Michigan), and this year the BCS kept the rematch between two SEC teams, and left out a Big 12 team. There is SEC bias in the media, the conference is viewed by the public as the best and that won’t change until a different conference team beats an SEC team, but then again, that won’t happen if we are making National Championship games All-SEC.

In other news, the Heisman award will be awarded next Saturday evening and I certainly know who I’d vote for, here is my personal ballot:

1. RG3 – Baylor – QB

2. Montee Ball – Wisonsin – RB

3. Trent Richardson – Bama – RB

4. Tyrann Mathieu – LSU – CB

5. Andrew Luck – Stanford – QB

All of the candidates had very good seasons, but I feel like RG3 deserves it based on top notch play, leading Baylor to 9 wins, and winning big games. He definitely means more to his team than the others players do, and that in itself shows his Heisman value and the trophy should go to the most outstanding player in College Football, and not the best player on the best team.

Montee Ball has flew under the radar (just a little), but he has definitely outshone every other runingback in the country, his numbers are nothing less than fantastic (1759 rushing yards 38 total TD’s!).

The Honey Badger deserved a spot  on the ballot because even though he disappeared after a great start to the season, I feel like he came up big in LSU’s last two games, he’s had three epic punt returns in the last two games, two of which went for touchdowns. He is awesome to watch, and I hope Auburn can soon have a player like him (apart from the weed of course).

We shall now wait for bowl season to officially begin, it all kicks off on December 17th in the New Mexico Bowl, between Temple and Wyoming on ESPN at 2pm ET, what a game that will be! (sarcasm alert).

Have a good day guys, and War Eagle!


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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