Farewell Eltoro Freeman

This picture does (honestly) pull on my heart strings, this is one player who gave it his all this year no matter what, and anyone who does that gets my solid approval. Football is about being tough physically and mentally, and The Bull certainly exude’s that quality.

I want to personally thank Eltoro Freeman for giving it everything he had this season, I’d love to start 11 players every season with his kind of attitude, will and love for the school. The picture shows how much he cared about his time at Auburn, and that through reflection and thought, he will never forget his experiences. This was his last game in Jordan-Hare Stadium, and I’m sure he wanted it to mean something to him.

I hope he has a great bowl game and succeeds in whatever he does after Auburn. Thank you Toro!

*Picture courtesy of (@JHokanson) and AuburnSports.com




About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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  1. War Damn Toro!!!

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