Georgia Review: Beaten, Battered and Brushed Aside + Coaching Evaluations

It’s never fun writing up reviews when your team just got given it’s biggest loss of the season, but watching the game itself wasn’t much better either, from start to finish we were outplayed and out-coached, which may or may not give you a cause for concern depending what type of fan you are, you have the sunshine pumpers, the doom-and-gloomers and then you have the fans that see things for what they really are, thats me.

I never like sugar coating situations, but when you get beaten 45-7 by one of your biggest rivals there are no positives to look at. Some will bring up the pre-season predictions that many had for Auburn, that is a good point, considering many thought we would struggle to make a bowl game, and some said we had absolutely no chance at making one, all have so far been wrong. Were there any positives from that game? The only positive I saw was Eltoro Freeman, whilst it would have been better if he were a budding freshman, getting solid play out of him as a senior, even at this late stage of the season, is good enough for me.

We were supposed to see some significant improvement on the defensive side of the ball, and no real progress has been made, sure we managed to keep South Carolina’s and Florida’s offense at bay, but we need to aim higher than that, a good defense shuts down good offenses, and every offense we played this year gave us real beatings (Clemson, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia).

Apart from the borderline-average defense, is there anything to say about the offense? You bet there is, for the record, I am a believer in Malzahn’s philosophy, many are now screaming for a return to the West Coast Pro system but people need to understand that it isn’t the scheme that’s flawed, it’s the play-calling and execution. The offensive line might be the weakest area on the entire team, guys are continuously getting beat and there has been very little progress, itt’s a reason why I’m still a believer in Clint at Quarterback. During the first drive (when he actually had time to throw), he made some good throws, but from that point on, he had no help whatsoever, from the receivers (apart from Emory Blake) or his offensive line. Quarterback is not the issue, and if it really is, then it certainly isn’t the biggest.

Regarding the game, Blake said this

I think a couple guys shut it down, it’s just an experience we have to learn from and hopefully get better for the future.


Mosely also said this:

It’s time, for us all to grow up, it’s just got to at this point.


Both are correct, Mosely as the “gunslinger” needs to take control of the team and give them all a good kick up the arse, as well as Emory Blake, who all consider to be one of the veterans of the team. it really hurt hearing Blake say that guys “shut it down” during the game, thats a clear indication that this team does lack leadership, someone needs to step it up and act like one, if we want to stand a chance at upsetting Bama, in our own house…

A lot of discussion has also taken place who should be fired, hired etc. There is no definitive answer as to what Chizik plans to do, my gut feeling is that he will keep this staff around another year and then make true evaluations, but I do feel it needs to be sooner. I read in certain places that Chizik is a man who will make the tough decisions, we’ll see if that holds true.

So where do we go from here? Now we need to game plan for Samford and make sure we win that game with some style, so we have at least some confidence going into Iron Bowl Week. Samford should give us our 7th win of the season, and we will most likely finish the year 7-5, I want to beat Bama as much as anyone, but we have long ways to go until we can, two weeks is a short time for that to happen, so I’m hoping for the best.

No doom and gloom here, just a real opinion.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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