Georgia Preview: Get A Glimpse At How Big This Game Is

We are quickly approaching the end of our bye week(s), which means we are entering the business end of the season, where teams tighten up, give it their all and just sit back to see if it made a difference in the voters eyes, that’s how big this game is, it has big implications on which bowl game we go to, and it also makes a difference in terms of morale as well.

There are many reasons why we should never lose to Georgia. The first reason, is that we should never give them a reason to break out Soulja Boy in the middle of a game, especially a blowout. The second reason, is that we shouldn’t let Georgia fans continue to believe Mark Richt is a good coach just by beating Auburn (because that’s everything he’s achieved isn’t it?) and thirdly, well, I prefer whiny Georgia fans over arrogant ones, don’t you? They are entertaining to say the least.

Georgia are 7-2 (oh no! they are gonna beat us because we are 6-3!)….wait, rewind. Yes they are 7-2, but there SEC wins have come against Tennessee, Vandy, Florida, Ole Miss and Miss. State. None of those can be considered big wins can they, even though Florida and Miss. State both gave us a bit of trouble too.

Now of course, this could all mean squat by Saturday if we get our nutsacks beaten by Georgia. I could sit here all day and preach all of these stats about them being an overrated team, but the point of all this is to outline to you that they really aren’t that good of a team, sure they have the home field advantage, but it’s not like we aren’t already road tested. Sure, we aren’t favoured to win by betting sites (+13.5, wowzers) but the great thing about Auburn is, when you don’t expect them to win, they do, a lot of the time anyway.

Georgia will be a real test, and I am confident we can come away with the win. They have a few decent weapons on offense, like Murray, Crowell and Charles and it will be interesting to see how we game plan against them, they are definitely stronger than last year and this year one man we don’t have is Nick Fairley, someone will have to step up on defense, Lemonier? Wright? Freeman perhaps? Our defense is by no means ‘solid’ but we aren’t totally inept, I think we can get a few frequent stops and that will be encouraging in terms of the growth and maturity of a once heralded “young” defense.

Offensively, it is key that Clint makes the right throws and reads, Georgia’s defense (statistically) has been quite good, even against poor teams, but that doesn’t mean that we will terrorise them. We need to get some momentum going early, to quieten the crowd but we all know that when we take it to teams early on, it will most likely result in a near or total collapse, not too encouraging is it? Should we just give them an early 17 point lead? I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether I’m kidding or not.

I think we are a better team than Georgia and we definitely have the tools to beat them, but we know that when rebuilding, you are likely to drop games and it may take some time to put the chemistry and elite play back together, however a win over Georgia will help us a lot when bowl season comes, the best bowls we can (realistically) hope for now are the Capital One and the Cotton Bowl games. Either one would be a really good reward for this team, considering what many thought we would get in the pre-season, if anything.

For Auburn, a win over Georgia would guarantee 8 regular season wins, and with a chance to earn a 9th against Bama 2 weeks from now. We need to show that we can compete whilst rebuilding, and giving both Georgia and Bama a run for their money will do that. If we play our best, we win. If we don’t, then we lose, it’s as simple as that.

Prediction: Auburn 17-13 Georgia

I see it being a defensive slug-fest, with it coming down the 4th quarter. Both teams will try and establish something offensively, but I think both defenses step up early and continue that into the 4th quarter. Considering how well we play in close games, I put my money on us pulling it out in the end.

About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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  1. you were right about it being a “slug fest”…..dang man that was awful.

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