October Is Coming To An End – How Did We Do?

The brutal October is coming to an end for Auburn, many thought we wouldn’t win any of the games we were challenged with, and so far we are 2-2, and may even be 3-2 by Midnight on Saturday. We had games against South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, LSU and Ole Miss, who we play Saturday.

During this stretch we had a quarterback change, Barrett Trotter did well through the first few games, up until our meeting against Clemson where he had an abysmal second half, it took until half-time against Florida to make the change that many fans thought was necessary. The offense became stagnant and throwing touchdown passes became a massive task for Trotter, someone who was throwing quite a few of them during the first few games of the season, was struggling and even though Emory Blake was missing during this stretch, we have gotten by with our alternative options, just.

So far, Mosely has impressed under the circumstances, coming in at half-time against Florida was going to be a tough feat for Mosely, and to make matters worse his first official start came against LSU! Not exactly a welcoming string of opponents for Clint, but he has took it in stride and is keeping the job, through all of the fans arguing, moaning and demanding for an immediate performance, Mosely took it in stride and has done his best up to this point, regardless of the woes on the offensive line.

We had no choice but to rebound after losses, the first loss to Clemson was a tough pill to swallow, winning all of those games became something Auburn fans were used to, we lead for most of the first half only for it to be squandered away, due to defensive issues and offensive woes. In fairness, Clemson are looking like a very good team right now, and look primed to win the ACC and make a BCS Bowl barring anything crazy happening.

Our other loss came at the hands of Arkansas, a team who have had our number in the last few years. We went in there with a chance to upset, and even after taking a 14-7 lead we didn’t do enough to stop an elite passing game, Barrett Trotter was blame for our struggles up to this point, and it was at this point where the masses were screaming for Mosely to be put in, but it wasn’t to be…yet.

After a win over Florida, we went into the Bayou and left with a loss, after suffering a bad defeat at the hands of the LSU Tigers, a team that look strong enough to win the National Championship, losing to them was not really much of a surprise to anyone. Many accepted the loss, but couldn’t accept getting beaten that badly, LSU are a fantastic team, they played us well and didn’t let us breath on offense, until we managed to garner up some garbage points right at the end, which was a small consolation after being outplayed severely for most of the game.

All in all, I’m not really upset with how October went. Sure, it hurts to lose games but we are rebuilding, a lot of these players don’t even have a year of college experience under their belt, so mistakes were going to occur, which resulted in losses. Beat Ole Miss on Saturday, and escape October 3-2, I know many Auburn fans that were dreaming for a 3-2 finish through October, and through all of the moaning, arguments and fall-outs, that may finally become a reality.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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