LSU Review: Look At The Bigger Picture

That sure wasn’t pretty was it? 

I thought this game was going to be close, I predicted it to end 20-16 to LSU, going into the game I had the attitude of “expecting the worst, hoping for the best”. You always have a chance on the football field, which is why games aren’t played on paper, the game was close for the first quarter, forcing numerous three and outs against a decent LSU offense, we looked as though we were just a few clicks on offense away from maybe taking the upset…but then came the penalties.

There is no such thing as a smart penalty, but the ones we were giving up were really, really stupid. Substitution penalties? I knew the stadium was loud, but I hoped these college students were able to count properly. Ok maybe I was harsh there, but substitution and personal penalties (facemasks and such) are not acceptable, Ken Carter grabbed Jefferson’s face mask which resulted in a first down, rather than a 3rd and 15 if he was tackled properly, and what immediately followed was of course, a touchdown for LSU, the rest was pretty self-explanatory.

We looked good in some aspects yesterday though, I thought Mosely did fairly well with what was asked of him, he was sacked 6 times but I put that blame mainly on the offensive line, which right now might be the weakest area of the team, the entire left side was constantly getting beat but in fairness we were facing maybe the best defensive line in the country. Mosely did well to escape a sack and hook-up with Benton near the end of the game, which I guess was an example of Mosely staying calm and comfortable, and not forcing anything or ding anything stupid.

We garnered pretty much nothing inside, Dyer and Frazier’s inside runs were controlled really well by LSU, and I guess you could call that an LSU strength rather than an Auburn weakness, even through my criticism of Auburn’s offensive line, credit is given where it’s due. Dyer is a top tier runningback and if a defense is able to bottle him up, they must be pretty good, right?

So overall there isn’t much else to say, we played a great team and lost, all we can do now is pick ourselves back up and take down Ole Miss next week in Jordan-Hare, simple really.

The last time Auburn got beat that bad was in the 2008 Iron Bowl, in which we got shut out to a pretty good Alabama team, saturday we didn’t get shutout, but we still got beat pretty bad by maybe the best team in America, 45-10. LSU are on another level, they have a defensive line that is amongst the best in the country, a talented, deep secondary and a very productive offense.

Getting blown out is never easy to take, as fans we cheer our team on but that is, in reality all we can do. These things happen, we weren’t going to win all of our games this season and unfortunately we went into death valley with a small hope of winning and it just didn’t happen, I’m not too upset about where the team is or where it’s going, youth isn’t an excuse but considering how many freshman we play week in, week out we were going to be vulnerable to losses such as these, our three losses have come from three top 10 teams,which were all blow-outs, are things really that bad?

Expectation is a fragile thing, a lot of people, outside of Auburn expected us to win no more than 6 games this year, and right now we are on pace to win 7, maybe 8 games before bowl season starts. If you look at the bigger picture, Auburn are doing a good job of winning games in a tough division, against tough teams, a tough schedule and not to mention playing with a brand new team after losing all of those seniors (and a few juniors) from last year.

Chizik and co. are doing the best with what they have, going 8-4 with a lot of new faces I think is a pretty good job, sure we all want to reach for the stars, going after championships every year and not expecting mediocrity, I understand that, I really do but sometimes you just have to accept your limits.

Beat Ole Miss, Beat Georgia, Beat Samford and Beat Bama.

Do it the Auburn way.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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