LSU Preview: A Lack Of Honey May Spice It Up

There seems to be mixed feelings over our game against LSU on saturday, some believe we can win, some believe we will win and others believe we have no chance. In the past, our games against LSU have always been quite close, there was 2007 when we faced the eventual national champion, losing in the last few seconds after Flynn bombed it to the endzone on one of the most gutsiest calls I’ve ever seen, only for it to be caught by Byrd after Jerraud Powers seemed to have pretty good coverage, I think we all remember that game quite well.

There was also the low-scoring affair the year before, which finished 7-3, ending with Eric Brock’s big hit on the LSU wideout just as time went dry. For any older readers, there was the 1988 earthquake game in Baton Rouge which was another heartbreaker, I could honestly write a whole post going through our past games against LSU but I that wouldn’t be very productive at this point in the season.

This week we face a very stout looking LSU team, who looks primed to win the SEC and take their place in New Orleans on January 9th. I’ve watched a few of their games this season and they look quite the part, they have talent pretty much everywhere on the board and I said before the season that Quarterback was the only question mark they had, and now that Jarrett Lee is playing to satisfactory level, they look pretty much unstoppable, but can we spoil their plans, can we take home the win in Baton Rouge? Right now I’d say it isn’t likely, but you never know, that’s why football is played on the field and not on paper, if that were to happen, Auburn might be 6-6 every season, hell maybe much worse, Vegas doesn’t like us very much.

As for injuries, most of our team looks to be healthy, but Blake and Reed are still question marks, I haven’t seen anywhere that they are guaranteed to play so I’ll keep it safe and assume they won’t play for now, both would be big blows against this seemingly talented defense but as always we will do the best with what we have, we have no choice.

As for LSU, it looks like they will be missing cornerbacks Tyrann Mathieu, Tharold Simon and runningback Spencer Ware after all three of them seemed to have eaten too many weed dogs, and as a result they have all been suspended for this weekend, and possibly longer since that’s a big no no in the world of college athletics. All three are obviously significant losses, Mathieu has been arguably LSU’s best player this season, making a play wherever he can and tilting the field of play every time he does it, that’s a rare ability nowadays and with him out it may ease the pressure on Clint Mosely, who’s first start will be in the loudest stadium and against maybe the best team in the SEC.

Spencer Ware has been LSU’s best runningback, so far he has posted 512 rushing yards and six touchdowns on 128 carries, not too shabby, and with him out it may just help us defend the pass a bit more, although it’s easier said then done, since his immediate backup in Michael Ford has done well with the opportunities he’s been given, in retrospect we can all agree that LSU is more stacked than a college library.

For Auburn, a win this weekend would be ma-hoosive. Winning on the road, in the toughest environment against the strongest team in the conference, maybe even the country would boost this teams confidence to the max, as well as pushing our total wins for the season to 9, maybe even 10. Although in saying that I won’t get my hopes up too much, and I certainly won’t expect a win, in fact I wouldn’t be too upset with a loss, especially if it was close one. For the team, they will go into Baton Rouge wanting a win but as a mere fan I will sit here and judge off of what I have already seen, I hope we can slow down the offense and make it a close game, and I also hope Mosely can make a few plays, against a now weakened LSU secondary. I respect what we are up against, and with that in mind tempering ones expectations will probably be better for my health, in the long run.

Something that made the rounds a few days ago was this tweet from Russell Sheppard:

Did he forget about McCalebb speeding past their defense last year? Who knows, but then yesterday he tweeted this.

So now he respect’s Auburn and always calls it a tough game, which in a way is true, the only year I remember us recently not matching up well with them in games was probably 2009, where we got manhandled on both sides of the ball, I’m not even sure Chris Todd remembers that game.

Overall, this will be one of the two toughest teams left we will face before the season ends, and as I see it right now we lose this weekend, lose against Bama but take the other three games against Ole Miss, Georgia and Samford, I wouldn’t be too upset with that…hell who am I kidding, I don’t want to lose to Bama, no one does.

Keep positive, because you just never know in college football, so far there hasn’t been any major upsets, could that come this weekend?

Prediction LSU 31-16 Auburn

I think/hope we can keep it this close, because as we have seen this season we tend to lose ourselves in the fourth against good teams after keeping it close beforehand, I hope Gus goes all out this weekend with plays as we need to test this defense early, establishing a passing game early may help us expand on our playbook but when you play a defense as big, fast and strong as this one, it rarely goes the way you want it too.

But hell if we do win, you’ll see no complaints from me, regardless if they lose without the Herbal Badger.


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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