Florida Review: Defensively Perfect, And Offensively…Stagnant?

I am in the process of moving, and I write this to you in my new house (which I have not yet moved into) since it has an internet connection. It really sucks not having internet, since I am part of the internet generation it is usually how I gain my information, and now I’ve resulted to actually watching TV, can you believe it? Crazy stuff.

Moving onto more important matters, last Saturday Auburn kept the possibility for 8 wins alive as they beat a struggling Florida team at home in Jordan-Hare stadium, a game which you could gauge as an offensive struggle or a defensive battle, either will do fine, but it looks like most journalists would rather nitpick at Auburn’s offensive struggles, who wouldn’t after watching Cam dominate?

You could see we were (yet again) struggling with Trotter, prior to getting benched, he had only completed two passes, both were to Benton and one of which was a touchdown throw which I think was a great catch from Benton rather than a good pass by Trotter, it was by no means a horrible pass, but considering he threw it into double coverage, Benton made a great play by just going up and snagging it out of the air. I consider myself a big Benton fan, and after last weeks poor performance against the Hogs, Benton somewhat redeemed himself, and I myself couldn’t have been more happier for him, is it a sign of things to come? I hope so, we need that second man at wideout and we’ll see if Benton can continue producing.

The coaches then decided to do the right thing and put Mosely in, I’m not saying that I knew or even thought that Mosely was a better quarterback, because I know about as much as you all do, but as I said before why not give Mosely a try? The offense clearly wasn’t clicking with Trotter, which then prompted the coaches to put him in and see how he would do. I thought Mosely did fairly well considering the circumstances, I remember two throws which impressed me, one of which was a bullet to Lutzenkirchen after he scrambled around for about an hour, and the second was a deep pass to Carr, both of which were decent throws. It is yet to be determined whether Clint can play consistently, but you could see how the team rallied around Mosely on saturday, he helped drive us down the field on the final touchdown, when McCalebb capped off after scooted around the edge and found the end zone. Clint will face a dearer test this week when he goes on the road against the nasty defense of LSU, so it will be interesting to see how he performs, I’m certainly looking forward to it.

Chizik said they will re-evaluate the position this week, and I would be surprised if Trotter got his spot. Considering how close the race was in the summer, they might as well stick with Clint and see where we get, I mean why not?

Defensively we looked pretty good didn’t we? We didn’t give up a touchdown to Florida, and not to mention keeping Chris Rainey in check, holding him to just 33 yards on 16 carries. Getting a good run defense going is key if we want to win more games, or stand a chance against LSU and Alabama, both of which have good runners in Richardson and whoever LSU wants to play, so if we can limit those players in the near future then our record may be better than 7-8 games, who knows?

Eltoro Freeman got the start over Jake Holland yesterday, and after his performance against Arkansas I feel he definitely earned it, Freeman played well again on Saturday, he was flying around and showing off some of that “Bama Speed”, which he likes to call it. He is definitely proving more and more that he deserves to start at that position, and I hope he continues to play at that level, as a senior his time is now, because he won’t get another chance to prove his worth at the college level. But once again, it’s up to the coaches to do decide what to do at this key position, as well as the Quarterback spot.

Corey Lemonier is also turning into a hell of a defensive end, he already has 6 sacks for the season, which is good for no1 in the SEC, and 7th nationally, getting a good outside pass rush is certainly an advantage, especially when going up against decent Quarterbacks. I hope Lemonier continues to impress, the future all-american is growing up right before our eyes.

So you could say I’m pretty happy with where we are right now, we are 5-2 in the SEC West with the youngest team in the country, that’s not bad at all is it? Sure we have issues on offense, but which college team doesn’t have a weakness…Ok forget LSU, but still?

The Georgia game is key right now, that will determine if we can finish 8-4 this year just like I thought we would. I expect to beat Ole Miss and Samford, and beating Georgia will get us to 8 wins before bowl season, anything on top of that (which means a win vs LSU or Bama) would be gravy, I generally try to not get my hopes up when going up against two top 3 teams, whatever happens happens, we certainly have a chance against both.

Stay positive, did you predict more than 9 wins this season?


About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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