The NCAA “Concludes” Investigation + Letter Dissecting

Well it looks like that’s that then Mrs. that’s that! Enough of the Family Guy references, as you all probably know by now the NCAA has cleared the Auburn Football program of all wrongdoing in the Cam Newton + HBO 4 cases.

Here were some quotes from the letter which were probably the important and relevant ones.

Regarding Mr Newton (Cam) the enforcement staff and the university conducted over 50 interviews regarding an alleged pay-for-play scenario. Additionally, an extensive number of of documents, including bank records, personal IRS Tax Documents, telephone records and e-mail messages were obtained and revieved as a part of that enquiry.

Obviously, the NCAA went through pretty much everything trying to find proof, and they also probably enquired about Sheridan’s “thought to be” bagman, and came away with nothing.

Regarding Mr Gray (Raven Gray), the university and enforcement staff conducted interviews, including those of Mr Gray and his family and friends. Ultimately Mr Gray’s allegations were not substantiated, and in some instances, were disputes by others.

This pretty much confirms Raven Gray’s claims were all complete crap as we first thought, some even seemed to make that claim, that it was all originally bullshit.

Regarding McClover, Ramsey and Reddick, they refused to cooperate after the enforcement staff made several attempts to interview those individuals.

Looks like they all refused to be interviewed, and from my guess it seems that it was all untrue as first thought, shocker.

That looks to be the end of that then, some might be mad (Scott Moore, Danny Sheridan, most of the Bammer fanbase) and some might be relieved (whole AU fanbase) that it is officially over, we knew that there was no active investigation since they ruled Cam eligible last November, and without any new information the NCAA felt like they could no longer pursue it.

Case closed, let’s move on. If you want to read the whole letter, click here

About Ross Collings

It's the orange and blue I love. Big fan of the Auburn football program and university. Consider myself the biggest fan of them currently living and being from outside of the United States.

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  1. I notice you left the wording that the NCAA has the right to reopen the cases if new info turns up

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