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For any of you that still keep up with the blog, this is just an update post to let you guys know what I’m up to, since I haven’t posted since the Gus Malzahn hire. 

I am currently rolling out Auburn talk in podcast form. I do a weekly podcast for ‘War Eagle Radio’, which you can keep up to date with on their Twitter page. I go in depth about the programme on there. It is primarily a mobile app, which is currently available to download on iOS (Android coming soon). 

I am still very active on Twitter as well, so be sure to follow me on there as well. The Facebook page also posts links to my podcast. 

War Damn Eagle! 


Gus Malzahn hired as new head football coach


Well, the search is over. Gus Malzahn has been officially hired as the new head football coach. The two names that were making the round as of late were Malzahn and Smart, and it seems Malzahn took it at the end.

This hire won’t please every Auburn fan, but Gus is a familiar name and has had some success here. Now begins the process of him putting his staff together and turning this thing around.

Good luck, Gus!

Why I’m endorsing Bobby Petrino as Auburn’s new head coach

Auburn is in a very strange and somewhat dark place right now, similar to a place they found themselves 32 years ago. We’ve been under the illusion that things will get better next year, things will improve on and off the field and that we will be back soon enough to compete with the likes of LSU, Alabama and Georgia for the SEC title. We let things slide in 2011 when we won 8 games, but knew in the back of our minds that our biggest competitors blowing us out was perhaps a cause for concern. Then when 2012 came, things got bad in a hurry. Despite the odd good performance here and there, the 2012 Auburn team fell from grace at a rapid pace, and encountered one of the worst seasons in history. We knew there and then that the Chizik regime had to end, it just simply had to.

So now here we are, four years fresh off another coaching search, we’re here again trying to find the right man to tighten the ship and get Auburn back to winning ways. The truth is, things really do need to change for the better. Like I mentioned earlier, Auburn is in a very unfortunate place right now. Even though this programme is nearly in pieces, every other rival of ours is winning. Alabama are Alabama, a team that puts out really good teams every year with some great players, LSU are nearly there, finding some success here and there but are still a very tough team to beat when they are rolling, and then there’s Georgia, who are 11-1 and primed to play for an SEC title.  Read the rest of this entry

Alabama Review: A torrid end to a torrid season

I have to say, I thought I’d be able to take the oncoming Iron Bowl slaughter no problem, but I’ll admit that there were times where my anger did get the best of me — just because it was Alabama.

It’s never easy falling to your main rival in a game, sometimes close losses are more heartbreaking than the beat-down we suffered on Saturday. You get given time to adjust to the loss as opposed to having your heart broken on a last minute play.

The game itself went exactly how we all imagined it would. Alabama found a new life when they were vaulted to no2 in the polls, and after Alabama climbed out to a reasonable lead, there was little chance — no matter what fight Auburn had left — that Auburn was going to even sniff another comeback.  Read the rest of this entry

Gene Chizik fired as Auburn Head Coach

So, it’s official, Gene Chizik has been fired as the head coach of Auburn Football. There were rumblings earlier today but now it’s become official, a press conference to announce this move is expected at 4:30 ET sunday evening.

Despite the recent struggles, I want to thank Gene Chizik for the 2010 season. Even though most will blame the title on Cam Newton, he had a tough job of keeping a distracted team focused and staying motivated through it all. Many other teams would have crumbled, but instead they stepped up and did what several other great Auburn teams failed to do — to win it all.

But in the end, it was the right move.

War Damn Eagle Coach Chizik.

Alabama A&M Review: Last Win Of The Season

Our third and final win of the season came Saturday against Alabama A&M, unless you’re delusional enough to believe that Auburn has a shot against Alabama. The Auburn offence put in a good shift, racking up a season high 51 points on 512 total yards. Defensively, there were little problems as only 7 points were given up, and we even saw an Auburn defensive back make and interception — the first all season! Huzzah!

Overall, it was just another day where a win was simply on the cards. It’s been a miserable season with some gut wrenching losses, but this one was pretty much a gimme. The size and athletic difference between Alabama A&M and Auburn is obvious, so a big win was somewhat expectant. Still, the team played well all around but like I said after the NMSU win, it doesn’t change the underlying problems that this programme still possesses.  Read the rest of this entry

Georgia Review: Almost out of our misery


That’s the one word we can use to sum up that performance really. Yet another week, another L added to the win and loss columns. It’s safe to say that most fans are numb to these type of losses, it’s hard to root hard and invest so much emotionally in a team that you know can’t put it together, which is extremely sad. I stay up until god knows what time to watch these games, and I will forever love Auburn football, but it’s safe to say that this particular regime is coming to a miserable close.

By second touchdown of the game (Georgia’s touchdown), the game was as good as gone. Despite the home field advantage, it would have been hard to expect this team to claw back after those early touchdowns. Your mentality is zapped once your chances of making a bowl game are lost, and talk of coach firings are rife. By halftime, the score was 28-0 and the second half wasn’t much to marvel at either. Auburn got little going offensively, and Georgia scored 10 more points, despite calling off the dogs.  Read the rest of this entry

Georgia Preview: Will We Lay Down And Die?

Welcome to Georgia hate week, where every Auburn fan has the pleasure of hating Georgia as much as possible. When the clock strikes zero on Saturday night, only one team will get bragging rights for the rest of the year, and something tells me that won’t be Auburn. Auburn’s chances at making a bowl game are now impossible, that we already know. But on the other side of the fence, Georgia is one win away from securing their place in the SEC title game.

Georgia rolls in off their big win against Ole Miss, whilst Auburn come in at 2-7 coming off their biggest win of the season against New Mexico State. The last time Auburn won a game this season, they played hard against the next opponent, which was LSU at the time. There is reason for optimism in this one, we may come in and play hard but the question is whether we can get the job done and win the game.  Read the rest of this entry

New Mexico State Review: Best against the worst


The world of Auburn Football has marginally improved with Auburn’s win over NMSU, we have gone from being used to winning to celebrating every measly win like it were 1999. For me, this was a win that should improve the confidence of the players, but by no means does this change the fact that Chizik and co. have to go. Beating the worst team in the worst conference in the country shouldn’t change things.

It was definitely the best quarterback play we’ve seen for a while. Wallace stepped up and delivered and the team rallied around him, despite the slow offensive start. He finished 9/16 for 164 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Tre Mason was outstanding again, as he had over 150 yards and a score, and Onterio McCalebb racked up 113 yards and two touchdowns. Good things happen when you run the ball with some consistency.

The obvious highlight of the day was Daren Bates’ nasty stiff arm/touchdown return, one that got me up from my chair with excitement. After Bates picked up a loose fumble, he ran it all the way back and delivered a hard stiff arm to an unsuspecting Morrison, before diving into the end-zone. I’d say that was Bates’ frustrations being let out on that one play. You can’t blame him.

It was encouraging to see the defence put a poor opponent in it’s place, which has been missing in the last few years. You can understand struggles against good teams, but quite frequently we’ve been prone to make bad teams/players look all-world. It played with some tenacity and fire and they held the Aggies to just 7 points.

Overall, it was better than I expected. Wallace has a great shot to finish the season as a starter and take that starting job into next season, which would be the first time we’ve had a returning starter at quarterback since 2007. The defence bounced back after a miserable showing against A&M.

Now onto the Bulldogs, a team that only needs to beat us and Ole Miss to secure a place in Atlanta, most likely against Alabama. An upset is unlikely, extremely unlikely, but don’t be surprised to see the players give max effort in this one. One last go in the last SEC home game of the year, to just see what happens. Stranger things have happened.

The State Of Auburn Football / New Mexico State Preview / It’s JWALL Time!

I hope you’re all having a marvellous week and had a fun and safe Halloween. My Halloween was a little less exciting, as parking cars really does take the thrill of dressing up as a zombie away. The makeup was hard to take off, I’ll tell you that.

Onto more important matters: there is a lot of talk right now about coaching replacements and even AD replacements, some of which sound reasonable, others sound more unreasonable. I don’t like to dabble into rumours on this blog, as I just like to report news as fact. One thing that is very clear right now is that Chizik won’t make it to 2013, and rightfully so. Auburn’s season faded quickly, and has gone from a down year to a historically bad year as the weeks have worn on. This time will likely finish 3-9, possibly 2-10 depending on their mood against New Mexico State this weekend. Wins against Georgia and Alabama are unlikely, to say the least.  Read the rest of this entry